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    SWS works with global companies to achieve strategic objectives and deliver events, which

    will save organizations time, money and resources. We pride ourselves on a high quality, executive approach to deliveries.

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    27Jun 2024

    2024: The Year of Scaling Security Efficiencies

    Tampa, Florida

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    06Jun 2024

    2024: The Year of Scaling Security Efficiencies

    NYC, New York

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    06Jun 2024

    2024: The Year of Scaling Security Efficiencies

    NYC, New York

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    15Jun 2023

    Mastering Supply Chain Transformation in Times of Recession

    Improving Supply Chains Across Sustainability, Cost and Risk

    Paris, France

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    19Sep 2019

    Driving in the Digital Fast Lane

    Do You Have the Right Instruments?

    Berlin, Germany

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    2024: The Year of Scaling Security Efficiencies

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      When you bring senior level executives together
      that share a common interest or face a common goal, businesses will thrive.


      Revolutionizing the way Senior Level Executives around the globe do business.
      Hear what the executives have to say...

      Thank you for inviting me. The event was very well organized and executed.

      Service was superb and distinct. I have been in similar events with other organizers but SWS’s preparations, attention to detail, venue choice and overall service/dinner was excellent. It was a true ‘executive’ event/dinner experience, well done.

      As for the learning and exchange, as always it depends on participants contributions. I am pleased as I had a good chance to connect, ask questions as well as test my views and get feedback.

      I would love to join again if there is a matching content/context, thank you for offering.

      Head of Strategic Programs, Global Customer Operations NOKIA

      This was a superb event. Well thought through: great agenda, excellent delegates invited, superb setting, outstanding logistics and superbly executed.

      The event was a credit to Angela DiNatale and her entire team. I would recommend SWS in a heartbeat and will gladly support any future events through my participation.

      Very well done.

      CTO BT Global Services

      The event was well organised. Thought leaders had the opportunity to share their organisational challenges on digital transformation and take best practice from others in the middle of their respective change agendas. I have always known this, but what was a welcome reassurance was; digital transformation is beyond the technology, you need the “human touch” to make any change successful.

      Look forward to future events.

      VP, Direct Digital Barclaycard UK Cards

      I found the evening with SWS really useful.  The guests were top flight and really relevant to the conversation around digital. Good clustering of guests in key industries and also fantastic food, wine and venue.

      I’d be very keen to attend future events and would recommend the experience

      CTO Redington

      Again, thank you for the invitation to the event.  May I first offer praise to you and your team as you planned the event to perfection.  l can only imagine the many pieces that go into play to pull off an event like this and all the hard work.  It showed in how professional and gracious you all were during the entire evening.

      The topic is timely and the presentation was interesting and I have requested a copy as I would like to review at my leisure.  The presenter was truly brilliant and kept the conversation going to make the evening an enjoyable event.  I enjoyed meeting and networking with all the other attendees, including the Citi folks who I did not know until this evening.

      Vice President - Business information Security Officer Citi

      SWS did an outstanding job organizing and executing our executive events. They successfully recruited executives in our target accounts with the very senior titles that we had specified.

      We heard many positive comments from our guests about the excellent service that SWS provided. The venue for our events was top notch, and our attendees enjoyed an evening of lively discussion and a five-star fine dining experience.

      Above all, we accomplished our objective of getting feedback from important stakeholders about a new market initiative that we are pursuing.

      The SWS staff are very responsive and a pleasure to interact with. I would highly recommend the SWS team and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

      Vice President Marketing Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)

      It was the first time I attended an event that was set up in this way.

      Mix and level of attendees was according to my expectation.

      I connected after the event already with some attendees via LinkedIn, so good from networking perspective.

      Well organized and excellent location/food.

      Head of Technology Procurement VodafoneZiggo

      Thanks for inviting me.

      It was a beautiful setting, interesting participants, a topic of interest and all very smooth organized.

      Head of Security Risk Management & Governance Section European Central Bank

      It was really great.
      The atmosphere, the food, the great presentation and above all the interesting people.
      Look forward to another session.

      SVP Corporate Controlling Air France-KLM

      This was a well-organised event. My compliments to you and your team.

      All communication towards the event showed a great sense of customer focus.

      With a warm welcome by the SWS team, especially the direct introduction to some of the other dinner guests did help immediately starting the conversations.

      I can also confirm the venue lived up to the expectations, as expected L’Europe delivered a high-quality menu which was very much enjoyed.

      The group was nicely balanced between Energy, Banks & Telco’s providing some diversity on one hand while still having related experiences and issues on the data and digitalization area.

      That would also be my tip for future sessions to keep groups like this: familiar businesses on one hand and with new insights from other businesses.  Thanks for inviting me, would love to return at any future event.

      And a compliment to Tom the driver of the day to finalize the good experience.

      Director Data Governance Liberty Global BV

      Thank you for your e-mail, and thank you again for organizing the event.

      In my opinion, it was a very good evening. The organization was perfect, and I enjoyed the subject matter. SAP security is something that has always been important to me, but I never had a chance to discuss it with such a relevant peer group. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the evening. I think we had a great discussion – I learned quite a few new things, got to know some new “colleagues”. What more can I ask for?

      I am actually awaiting some more detailed information from the vendor since I think they have quite an interesting value prop. Let´s see where it leads…

      I look forward to an opportunity when our paths cross again.

      CISO Germany AIG

      The evening was really well organized and very beneficial.  It was extremely interesting to exchange views with people from so many different companies and backgrounds.  Initially, I had questioned whether the planned time of  >4 hours was too long, but time flew by – definitely a worthwhile evening!

      Thanks for the invitation!

      Vice President Operations, Business Area Markets Vattenfall

      It was a very interesting event thanks again for the organization;  It was a great opportunity to know the speaker and exchange with their consultants and their success stories which allows me to know the scope of the company and also to have some information about what the other firms put in place.

      It was also very interesting to exchange with people from other banks (Banque de France; LCL, Barclays …) and also people from industry.

      Deputy COO Société Générale

      Here are few bullets for my feedback:

      • Location, service, food, etc. was great
      • Chauffer service was great
      • Networking with others in the industry was greatThank you for invite!!

      Head of BT Security & Deputy CISO Merck Group

      • Great evening in a great surrounding.
      • Fine Dinner & Wine and above all
      • A good company from a variety of industries, compliments.
      • Good discussion about Cybersecurity and Data protection regulation.
      • Appreciated the chauffeur service!!


      SVP Fintech & Innovation Rabobank

      Everything was perfect! I enjoyed very much the evening, exchanged a lot of information with my peers, and of course enjoyed this great location.

      Once again, many thanks for this unique opportunity to meet some peers we don’t have the time to meet in the every day’s life!

      Head of the Computational Science Coordination (CISI) Inserm

      I enjoyed the event and the discussions – overall a great evening. Location and chauffeur service are perfect and don’t change.

      Head of Information Security Risk Management for UBS Corporate Center UBS

      Here’s some feedback:


      • Great location
      • Good food
      • Excellent transportation service
      • Great selection of participants
      • Impeccable organization


      • Interesting conversations



      Practice Leader Marsh

      Thanks for a very interactive and engaging evening. I was humbled by the invitation and service. Thank you for the excellent hospitality and great service from the pick up to the cocktail and dinner.

      I think it was a great mix of different stakeholders in the ICT or IoT ecosystem. I think there were consistent themes about how lots of organizations are trying to develop strategies to capture the value and opportunity of the IoT ecosystem.

      It was a pleasure to be there and share our journey and thoughts but also importantly to learn and listen to different perspectives from wise industry colleagues.

      I think these are also great opportunities to network and find business synergies and potential partnerships and collaborations.

      Head of IP, Cloud & Core for Region Sub Saharan Africa Ericsson (South Africa)

      Thank you for the invitation. The evening was a great moment with highly valuable contacts, insights, and warmth in the discussions.

      I really liked the first “round-table” where everyone introduced him/herself. It was an innovative way to break the ice and get to know ourselves. I liked the presentation, useful and sharp.

      It would be a pleasure to participate in such event. Thank you very much again.

      Director of Marketing and Products LCL Credit Lyonnais

      Many thanks again for the invitation to the Executive Dinner! It was a great & interesting evening.

      • The event was very well organized (information/updates about the event in advance, chauffeur service…)
      • Very nice location & dinner
      • Good mix of executives and speaker. It was very interesting & valuable to discuss with executives from different companies/industry sectors what their cybersecurity challenges are.


      Head of Computer System Validation (CSV), Technology Facilities M+W Group

      The event was great. The setting allowed good opportunity to meet and discuss with peers on the topic and share challenges. The moderate did a good job of providing insight while getting audience participation to keep the discussion engaging and relevant.

      We discussed as a follow-up is to go deeper into specific areas like PaaS, IaaS, sales models … the structure would be to have a couple of use cases to share and use them to educate and engage in a deeper discussion.

      Head of Pricing & Business Strategy Brocade

      I found the event was well organized with clear instructions in advance, the venue was fantastic as was the food. The reception on the balcony was fabulous. I very much appreciated the “no pressure” nature of the event, it was an excellent opportunity to network and canvass opinion on the subject matter in hand, I made some useful contacts.

      I have no criticism of the event of its organization and would appreciate any further invitations to future Select World Services events.

      Head of Operations, Digital Media Services British Telecom

      Thanks for the nice evening with great guests and inspiring talks. The ideas and aspects I took with me are surely worth starting an internal discussion on the matter.

      Director Product Architecture Sky Deutschland

      A well worth investment of my time. Not only to hear about IDENTITY, but also the opportunity to network with the other executives.

      Director AMP Australia

      Thank you so much for the’ Executive Dinner “Aligning InfoSec and Audit to Automate SAP Cybersecurity”.

      It was our pleasure to meet you.

      My thoughts about the evening are excellent.

      As quick feedback:

      • Good situation
      • Good subject
      • Good presentation
      • Good format
      • Good network
      • Good discussion
      • Good place

      Again, excellent dinner to ensure value of exchange with peers.

      Thank you again!

      CIOO HSSE / Chief Security Officer (CSO), France NOKIA / Alcatel-Lucent International

      I enjoyed very much the Executive dinner last evening :

      • Good opportunity to network with colleagues from other industries
      • Issues between all of us are very similar
      • Good outcome from the sessions during the dinner . very interactive, interesting suggestions form most of the audience
      • Friendly atmosphere due to the outstanding site and service (drinks and food)

      I give a 9/10 regarding this event.

      CIO & VP – Governance and Operations, Global ERP CoE GE Power (Switzerland)

      The Executive Dinner was excellent from my point of view.

      Very interesting mix of participants, an inspiring presentation with resulting engaged conversations around it, combined with an outstanding venue and F&B. It was a pleasure to have been there.

      SVP Business Analytics, New Business & Innovation du - Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company

      We’ve worked with SWS on 2 events over the past year. We were impressed by their ability to identify key contacts and the actual attendance level at these events.

      Our team got to interact in an informal manner with participants and create some fantastic connections.

      We look forward to working with them on more projects in the near future.

      EMEA Event Manager for Dell IoT & OEM Solutions DELL

      Thanks for your kind invitation, it was indeed a very pleasant evening that I would attend again if the opportunity arises.

      Here’s a short feedback:

      • A panel of attendees was interesting as they were from different industries and seniority levels.
      • The overall atmosphere was great, friendly and professional at the same time.
      • Having everyone introduce themselves before dinner was useful, especially asking them to mention the different risks and difficulties they encountered was smart as it created link amongst us.
      • Point of improvement: maybe try to create more interactions amongst all attendees during a presentation in asking for feedback or opinions. When it was done it was very interesting to hear people’s thoughts.

      Business Development Manager Mobility RCI Bank and Services

      I really enjoyed yesterday evening!

      I think you all did a great job in selecting the participants and making sure that they would all be present.  Compliments for the friendly but decisive way in which you made clear that being present was “not optional”.
      The location was excellent.  All courses of the diner where tasty.
      As far as the digitalization topic was concerned:  The report showed clear results.

      Chief Architect & Data Management ABN Amro Bank

      It’s my pleasure to provide some feedback….  The dinner was great!

      It was refreshing to go to a supplier-sponsored dinner where just a general conversation about my business and the businesses of others was discussed in an open and informal forum.  Really good

      Head of Technology Australia Post

      Thank you – awesome event – excellent conversation /discussion with industries boffins… flattered to have been invited! I’m impressed by the discussions! Thank you for inviting me.
      I look forward to reviewing the slides.

      VP Global Business Finance & Cloud GPO Oracle Corporation

      First of all:  thanks again for the invite and pleasant evening.

      What I really liked was that you had an intro of all attendees and there were some really interesting people I connected with.  Level and a mix of participants was matching my expectations.

      I had some good conversations and am happy to attend the next time.  Looking forward to taking part in the Linkedin group!

      Head of Retail Data Strategy Innogy

      It was my pleasure to attend the executive dinner.

      • The topic was interesting and transversal to all activities areas.
      • The melting pot of activities areas and companies was a good point.
      • Good organization and welcoming ambiance.
      • Self-Introduction of all participants was nice to share digitization stakes.
      • Cooking was excellent.


      VP Innovation Strategy & Quality Management Groupe PSA

      The dinner last night was lovely — a great mix of companies from relatively small to global giants, and industries. The attendees were open in sharing challenges and concerns and showed we have many of the same issues despite the differences in size and business type. Clearly, the topic was extremely relevant. It was also a very nice and lively group of people. The dinner was superb and the location was grand. Thank you also for arranging for beautiful weather and a full moon. I’d be remise if I didn’t point out how well run the event was. Both speakers from our host were well prepared, engaging and kept everyone’s attention. The slides focused the discussion but did not overwhelm with information to detract from the conversation. The other members of the event team were friendly, well organized and nimble, even arranging a change for dessert to allow us to enjoy ending the evening out of doors. Thank you very much for inviting me. I learned quite a few new things and really enjoyed myself.

      Chief Compliance Officer, Thomson Reuters & General Counsel, Enterprise Centre Thomson Reuters (Switzerand)

      The event was very well prepared!

      Liked the careful communication before the event, clever SMS reminder some hours before the event. For sure it helped to keep discipline with reminder “refrain” from short-termed cancellations. Since quite frequent from experience reception and organizational moderation during meeting was very good:

      • to the point, not too many words, but guidance was always available. Really good!
      • Intention of chauffeur service is very nice, but from my perspective not really necessary.
      • Prominent choice of participants-
      • Location in city center good choice, hotel attractive.
      • Presenter “Fraud & ID” very vivid, interesting, catching – obviously good choice!

      Managing Director UNIQA Group Service Center Slovakia

      Thank you for requesting our feedback.

      I spent a very interesting evening with many fruitful exchanges in a relax and nice atmosphere. Guests were all very interesting and diversified. It allowed me to better know the sponsor offers and diversity of expertise.

      Thank you again for gathering all of us.

      Group CTO Société Générale

      Thanks for the great evening yesterday.  I really enjoyed the conversation I had with the many people I met.

      We all face the same challenges I learned.   The venue was very good and also the open discussion we had.

      Love to hear more about the next event.

      Business Partner Digital Development B2B Center Nuon

      Thanks for having arranged the event yesterday!


      • Event was well managed, clear communication upfront of the topic and logistic
      • Venue easy to reach, meal excellent!
      • Topic was very interesting – I come from a different perspective from the people in the room as I run a business line for software products so I am responsible for define strategy for our products and for the P/L while most of the other people in the room were IT people focusing on changing IT infrastructure within their own organization. Anyway, I found that quite interesting and got involved in few good conversations about future of technology.

      Overall a good experience!!

      Sr. Director, Global Product Management Experian (UK)

      Thank you!

      1. Well-managed event and experience
      2. Good selection of people from different industries & just the right presence from ForgeRock – didn’t feel like being sold too, more exposure to questions and areas we should be thinking about.
      3. Interesting awareness and exposure for me on this topic

      Retained 3 things:

      • Opportunity to converge external and internal identity management
      • Design for scale
      • Separate Identity management from CRM/PRM etc

      Thank you again – food and wine were delicious!

      VP Marketing Partner, Global Marketing Schneider Electric (France)

      It was an interactive and informative event to share the challenges and opportunities ahead including Global Financial industry’s trends and shift in mindset to have a competitive edge. It was a well-organized event and I thoroughly enjoyed.

      Director, Data Quality & Chief Data Office Manulife Canada

      It was a good open debate with insight shared all around.

      Group Technology Director Dimension Data (South Africa)

      Great Event, very interesting presentation. Nice place, nice people, great organization!

      Head of Group Credit Risk Methods and Models Erste Group Bank

      My feedback to the Executive Dinner is in general very positive as I was not expecting the setup in that way. The talk with all attendance enriched my knowledge with their view of the subject.

      Sr. Manager Smart City & IoE Solutions Etisalat Group

      Great organization. Great location. Excellent choice of attendees.

      Very good service by chauffeurs.


      The food was good and the service excellent. The venue had a great view over the East River from the terrace.

      I appreciated the networking opportunity and thought there was an interesting group of executives.

      Global CIO Conair Corporation

      Thank you once again for the invitation!

      The event was very well organized and informative. It was easy to get into conversation with all participants, to exchange on the subject, discuss business trends and future challenges, especially on the same table.

      I hope to see you also soon again!

      Vice President & Innovation Manager Corporate Development, Business Model & Transformation UniCredit Bank Austria

      It was a very nice event, and I was enjoy to have time to discuss with sponsors around their services.

      The place was one of the best place in Paris and perfectly organized. I was also enjoyed to meet my peers for sharing ideas and good practices on Security over SAP.

      Global Chief Information Security Officer CHANEL

      Thanks for the invite! Although I didn’t know who the sponsor was before, the evening was a good balance between networking and the sponsors’ education around the subject.

      I found the selection of invitees to be well done – already have connected with a few with mutual interests.

      Group CTO & Partner Evamp & Saanga

      Thank you for the organization and invitation to this meeting.

      Especially the mixture between meeting, networking, the introduction of everybody and the short presentation was perfect. Also, the level of the people was quite high.

      Chief Information Officer Hoffmann Group

      Thanks for having me at your event last evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to continue my engagement with SWS and look forward to participating at your events.

      VP Product Management & Strategy, Oracle Cloud Platform Oracle Corporation

      It was a great event format, I enjoyed the conversations.

      VP, Agile Solution Enablement & Transformation Services Royal Bank of Canada

      This was by far the best industry event I have ever been to!

      COO Latin America Salesforce

      It was a well-organized event.

      The food was excellent and a nice subset of people with different backgrounds and good open dialog.

      Head of Security & Compliance Weight Watchers

      Very well organized, professional event,

      It was a great pleasure to be there, thanks again for the invitation.

      VP & Head of Core & Cloud Practice, RMEA Ericsson Middle East and North East Africa

      Thanks for inviting me to the event, it was great to attend.

      The topic was relevant and intriguing. I liked the format, it worked really well.

      Director Telstra Corporation

      It has been a pleasure attending this event –  I usually select very carefully the respective events as I always search for an added value for business and of course for enhancing my horizon as I am curious to share experience.

      I enjoyed very much the choice of the location, the careful selection of the participants and of course the discussions as well as the short keynote.

      The evening was professionally hosted and the moderation was keeping the discussion ongoing very smartly.


      Thanks a lot for hosting me last evening. It was a great experience, from office pick up to the drop off back home all went very smooth. Food and beverages were great too and of course there is not much better it can get as it relates to the location.

      The event was very well organized and I appreciate the fact that it was not just a sales presentation. It was a very pleasant networking event.

      Looking forward for the creation of the LinkedIn group and possibly another event at some point the future.

      Senior Director, Risk & Compliance GE Capital (Switzerland)

      Thank you. The event was awesome. Well organized and structured.

      Global Head Infrastructure Architecture SASOL

      The organization of the evening was perfect, the content of the interventions also good.  Well organized event. Thanks for the invitation.

      Head of Security Sberbank Europe

      The dinner was nice. Great location.

      Also some interesting people at the dinner table and some good discussion.

      For me, it was time well spent.

      CIO Adidas

      Thanks for the invite… I found it very informative but more importantly provided a platform for collaboration on the topic.

      I liked the open, interactive forum.

      Vice President Partner Business, Global Operations Schneider Electric (South Africa)

      It was a great event and very useful.

      I have enjoyed it. It would good if we can get a copy of the presentation and or people can share their experiences.

      Senior Vice President Internal Audit GEMS Education

      Thank you for an excellent event and highest professional level of service.

      VP Business & CFO Operations Ericsson (USA)

      I had a great time at this event.  The audience was small, and the quality of the attendees was excellent.  It was also very well organized and run, and the speaker was really interesting and engaging.

      I would be more than happy to attend another one of your events.

      European Head of Information Systems Virgin Active

      Thank you very much for the invite to the Select World Services’ Executive Dinner “Aligning InfoSec and Audit to Automate SAP Cybersecurity”.

      It was a great event, thoroughly well-organized round table discussion with executives; business leaders and security professionals from all industry sectors.

      Cyber security is among the most pressing issues facing the corporate world today, and companies are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks. It was a great opportunity to listen and discuss challenges with key stakeholders.

      I look forward to future events.

      European Data Center Manager Zurich Insurance Group

      I’d like to thank you and the entire SWS team for the wonderful event.

      I’m looking forward to the next one as I’m sure others are as well.

      Director Data Science and Model Innovation Scotiabank

      Many thanks for the invite.  Enjoyed the format of the event and opportunity to network.

      Only suggestion would be to split the main presentation across 2 or 3 different presentations to create a bit of depth on the topic.

      CIO Rand Merchant Bank / First National Bank

      Many thanks for arranging that event.  It was a great event and opportunity to meet all attendees in such a nice place.

      The dinner provided me with an opportunity to network with some new contacts and to have constructive discussions about the IoT.

      Director Client Outsourcing Projects Etisalat Group

      It was a great experience! Glad I joined!

      Thank you for following up and making sure I attended.

      Head of Business Strategy Hewlett-Packard

      Yes indeed, thanks again a useful and interesting event.

      The interaction between guests was excellent. Glad to join.

      COO TalkTalk Group

      It was a nice evening; I did enjoy it and benefit from my peer’s insight in the same time.

      Thanks for inviting me and well done for a well-organized event.

      Group CIO TDA Capital

      It was a great opportunity to meet stakeholders and potential partners. IoT, as we have heard, is a new paradigm and we must think partnerships differently as well. It is not about 1:1 or 1:n. It is about n:m relationships that we have to build and jointly drive sustainable business.

      Thank You for the opportunity! I have learned a lot tonight!

      Innovation Lead, COO Area SAP (South Africa)

      The event was well structured and organized. It gave enough time for meeting people and discussion.

      Time well invested!

      IT Operations Leader (PMP, CCIE, CISSP, TOGAF) Emirates Investment Authority

      Thank you for the dinner. It was well attended and a good discussion.

      Great to see TSIA and JB Wood again as well as several other participants. This is a small networked world.

      I found the content relevant and people quite engaged.

      SVP Global Cloud Services Delivery SAP

      Thank you for hosting us. It was a robust and informative conversation.

      I look forward to seeing you again.

      EVP & Chief Strategy Officer Innova Solutions

      The event was very useful, and the mix of attendees helped making the discussions constructive and useful.

      Would love to keep in touch and hear more about the sponsor and its services.

      Senior IT Auditor GLENCORE (Switzerland)

      I’ll give you my thoughts while they’re still fresh…

      Good points :

      • Very good venue, very good cuisine
      • Networking : I met some interesting people I didn’t already know, from companies I didn’t meet ordinarily. Having innovation directors and CISO discussing is a very good idea

      Apart from the organisation, I think the evening is less valuable if the organiser don’t speak French. We all were able to speak in English, but honestly our fluency, mine included, is not that good, and moreover having only one English-speaking person out of 8 makes it difficult to keep speaking in English. And quite rudely, sometimes, we spoke only in French. I had the feeling the conversation was more fluid at the other table.

      I hope my comments are of any use to you.

      Once again, thank you for your invitation.

      Group CISO Groupe ADP

      Firstly, I would like to thank you so much for the invite to the Executive Dinner.  I had an awesome and enlightening session.  It was very interesting how IoT was simplified and realized that we have always been working on Internet of Things.

      I took away a few things however one that stands out it the “you have to work with what you have and start identifying the pattern/outliers”.  it was really great to network with people from different organizations’ and realize that we are all on the same path.

      CEO: FNB Forex Rand Merchant Bank / First National Bank

      It was a great and very insightful event. Most participants were very knowledgeable in the field and we had meaningful takeaways.

      I would love to participate in future events.

      COO and VP, Cloud Business Unit Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

      Thank you for the event. The event was well organized.

      The diversity of attendees, the round table discussion, and the presentation were insightful and good knowledge sharing.

      Director Innovation & Advanced Technology Validation Etisalat Group

      The event was very well organized and implemented.

      It was a great balance in that it allowed for conversation amongst peers and ForgeRock

      Director, Digital Strategy & Channel Management Eversource Energy

      Great event!

      Thanks for inviting me!

      Head of IT Africa Novartis (South Africa)

      It was an absolute pleasure!

      Thank you very much!

      CIO & General Manager, Information Management and Systems Transnet National Ports Authority

      The event was a most pleasant and appreciated experience. Probably the most valuable aspect was the networking meet and greet interaction beforehand.

      Insights from Dell were welcome and well presented. The Internet of Things is a relatively nebulous concept (in my opinion) and holds within it many and varied applications which companies can operationalize and monetize.

      Senior Network Rollout Planning Specialist Cell C

      The event was one of the much better events I’ve attended!

      The spirit of the event i.e. collaborative as opposed to ‘covert pitching’ was I believe appreciated by everyone…

      CTO CherryOlive

      It was a lovely event – very interesting to see the different industries.

      Solutions Architect and Digital Strategist Discovery Limited

      This was a very good event, with a good panel of attendee’s excellent organization and a good piece of thought leadership.

      Look forward to attending future similar events!

      President & CTO MYCOM OSI

      This was a very interesting evening, well organized.  Here is my feedback:

      • very nice location, excellent food
      • good to have the opportunity to get to know the other participants during the welcome reception on the terrace.
      • good idea about the LinkedIn Group
      • it was very nice of SWS to sponsor this event.
      • good group of people, not too small, not too large; interesting discussions.
      • for me, the time of the evening was well spend and I hope that I will have another chance to join you for another event like this.

      Head EMEA IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Zurich Insurance Group


      Select World Services (SWS) would love to hear from you. If you would like to learn more about our Global Event Services, please send us a message.