Building an Agile 21st Century Financial Services Enterprise

    We are aware that Technology must remain close to your agendas for the upcoming months as many will need to investing new technologies in order to innovate and transform the business model. Adopting new age technologies and investing in continuous innovation is the only way to differentiate and sustain a competitive advantage.
    We will be bringing together an exclusive group of executives interested and responsible for choosing new technology and utilizing technology investments to help improve efficiency and grow the business.

    It will be a dinner of 15 senior level executives who have responsibilities in this area, therefore, your confirmation and commitment is extremely important.

    We will discuss:
      • Introducing the paradigm of Two-Speed IT
      • New Age Application Platforms
      • Maturing platform in an enterprise
    • Is FinTech / Challenger banks with digital platforms the Future?
    • Is the model of full-service banking dead going forward?
    • How much can our mobile phones displace branch banking in future?
    • When can we expect to see the first digital-only currency?
    • What do you think is next for payments?
    • Innovations you see using the block chain?
    • Does legacy modernization play a role in digital transformation?
    • How is the change in consumer behavior impacting the disruption we see in the market today?
    • Focus on Innovation and how financial institutions are responding to the challenges imposed on them by the regulators while responding to the disruption being caused in their marketplace by the FinTech companies and startup banks.

    JOIN executives in the group below for conversation, exchange of ideas, and networking at our intimate, invitation-only Building an Agile Financial Services Enterprise dinner.

    • CIOs
    • Chief Innovation Officers
    • Chief Data Officers
    • Head of Innovation
    • VPs of IT
    • IT Directors

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