Digitalizzazione: Sfide e Opportunità

    Drive or Get Driven?

    73% of firms believe traditional business models will disappear within the next five years due to the digital revolution.

    It’s rapidly changing business models across the globe. Delivering great customer experience while navigating huge volumes of data, facing agile and disruptive competitors and fighting increasingly sophisticated fraud are just some of the key commercial challenges organizations now face.

    We will discuss:
    • Trends and challenges in digitization
    • Trends and challenges in implementing AI for improved customer insight
    • Protecting the online channel from Digital Fraud
    • Experience sharing – Business trends we see shaping the markets
    • Experience sharing – latest insights and current case studies

    JOIN US for senior-level conversations, exchange of ideas and networking at Select World Services’ exclusive, by invitation only Executive Dinner – Digitization:  Drive or Get Driven?

    This particular Executive Dinner is for executives with the following titles and responsibilities:

    • Presidente
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Chief Information Officer
    • IT Digital and Innovation Officer
    • Chief Risk Officer
    • Chief Security Officer
    • Chief Lending Officer
    • Head of Strategy
    • Head of Innovation
    • Head of Strategy
    • Direttore Generale
    • Amministratore Delegato




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