Driving in the Digital Fast Lane

    Driving in the Digital Fast Lane
    Do You Have the Right Instruments?

    IDC predicts that 50% of the global GDP will move to Digital. The digital ‘experience’ becomes the brand experience. The boundaries of competition have changed with digital native playing offense with Software

    Leaders engaged in this digital journey are facing a nexus of challenges: grow their topline, accelerate innovation, provide faultless customer experience, transform teams and infrastructure, deliver 100% uptime, lower unit cost and deliver ROI.

    Tackling these challenges demands a rigorous data-driven and real-time approach to digital transformation. We will discuss how some digital winners do instrument their infrastructure, software and processes to secure end-to-end observability, intelligence and management of their digital business, creating deep connections between people, software, customer experience and business success.


    We will discuss:
    • Best practices in real-time software instrumentation and observability
    • Mastering your digital value chain and link its performance to business KPIs and outcomes
    • Delivering predictable and measurable performance, availability and customer experience
    • De-risking migrations to Cloud or new gen software & IT architectures, and mastering cost
    • Creating a ‘one truth’ end-to-end view of IT enabling the transition to DevOps at scale

    JOIN US for senior-level conversations, exchange of ideas and networking at Select World Services’ Exclusive, intimate, by invitation only CXO dinner Driving in the Digital Fast Lane: Do You Have the Right Instruments?.

    This particular CxO Dinner would be of interest to executives with the following titles:

    • CEO
    • CTO
    • COO
    • CIO
    • CMO
    • CDO – Chief Digital Officer
    • CPO – Chief Product Officer
    • Chief, VP, Head, Director Marketing
    • Chief, VP, Head, Director Mobile
    • Chief, VP, Head, Director Digital & Digital Transformation
    • Chief, VP, Head of Operations
    • Head of Software Development
    • Head of Infrastructure
    • Head of Digital Business /Leiter Digital Business
    • Head of Product management / Leiter Produktmanagement/li>
    • Head of e-Commerce / Leiter e-Commerce
    • Head of Customer Journey

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