Select World Services (SWS) understands its’ customers’ needs and objectives in order to create a memorable, result-driven experience for our customers and their guests around the globe. Our multi-international team has the know-how and experience to meet any request large or small, ensuring SWS meets our customers’ needs and match the events’ intent. SWS understands that every event has its own distinct audience, tone, personality, and a set of objectives, and we are here to support your events from beginning to end wherever your business objectives take you.
    SWS is a firm believer in open communication with our customers in order to ensure a streamlined process and best ROI possible.

    • Music, Entertainment, Speaker Procurement
    • Event Design & Management
    • Theme Development
    • Sponsorship Fulfillment
    • Creative Development
    • Event Logistics
    • Venue Booking
    • Event Branding
    • Production & Execution
    • Food and Beverage Management
    • Event Registration
    • Event Consulting Services
    • Contract Negotiations
    • On-site Management
    • Lighting & Audiovisual
    • Technical Requirements
    • Event Applications


    Select World Services (SWS) has an extremely exceptionally talented team around the globe to assist your marketing and sales team in driving demand and creating leads for your company in order to create new business opportunities and ROI. SWS delivers off of your specifications so it shall be a very targeted demand generation and/or lead generation campaign. We are able to deliver any specific target title
    from any specific targeted account or sector around the globe.


    Select World Services (SWS) specializes in securing attendance to events across a broad range of industries, including hospitality, automotive, financial / banking, insurance, etc. Our first class
    registration services will support any type of event including conferences, summits, meetings etc.,
    We offer these registration services in any location around the globe and in any language.
    SWS will tailor the registration services according to your needs and objectives to ensure a smooth, streamlined process. In addition, we support the process from beginning to end, 24/7, ensuring
    attendance of your target audience, guaranteeing attendee satisfaction and the best ROI possible.


    We understand the value of corporate events and the ROI it can bring to your organization. Select World Services (SWS) partners with our customers to ensure a memorable experience that will, in turn, ensure
    the best possible outcome and ROI and it begins with the location and venue. With our extensive event management experience combined with our global buying power, we are able to negotiate best prices, which means we have the capacity to ensure cost savings for your business.We work with the best venues around the globe and are passionate about venues and sourcing the right ones to meet our clients’ needs.


    Select World Services (SWS) would love to hear from you. If you would like to learn more about our Global Event Services, please send us a message.