Select World Services prides itself on delivering top-notch, valuable experiences at our exclusive executive dinners around the globe. As we have extensive knowledge and experience in all countries around the globe, we understand the various cultural differences and ways of doing business.

To ensure they quality of our services, the satisfaction of our guests and engagement at a very senior level, we kindly ask of our executive guests to provide us feedback on their experience at SWS’ executive dinners.

Please see below some recent testimonials from our executive guests.
  • Thank you for inviting me. The event was very well organized and executed.

    Service was superb and distinct. I have been in similar events with other organizers but SWS’s preparations, attention to detail, venue choice and overall service/dinner was excellent. It was a true ‘executive’ event/dinner experience, well done.

    As for the learning and exchange, as always it depends on participants contributions. I am pleased as I had a good chance to connect, ask questions as well as test my views and get feedback.

    I would love to join again if there is a matching content/context, thank you for offering.

    Head of Strategic Programs, Global Customer Operations NOKIA
  • This was a superb event. Well thought through: great agenda, excellent delegates invited, superb setting, outstanding logistics and superbly executed.

    The event was a credit to Angela DiNatale and her entire team. I would recommend SWS in a heartbeat and will gladly support any future events through my participation.

    Very well done.

    CTO BT Global Services


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